Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hotel Thamel, Kathmandu

Monday afternoon and yesterday I spent by myself, catching up on basic matters such as phoning Carolyne on skype, buying a SIM card for my mobile phone (1,010R including 600R for calls), arranging for my laundry, having a haircut (70R plus 150R for a post haircut back massage!), checking my credit card account and finding a hotel to stay at after the Shangri-La.

Each night I've met up with members of the trekking group for dinner. Last night we ate at the Thamel House restaurant, across the road from my new hotel. It is a traditional Nepalese restaurant, in which guests sit on cushions n the floor. I chose the set menu (750R), more expensive than the a la carte but comprising 12 delicacies, including spicy soup, a special chicken dish, roast wild boar and vegies. It was marvellous food.

I'm now in the Hotel Thamel in the busy shopping district of Thamel. It's a lot more basic than the Shangri-La, but for US$22 I have an en-suite room with a bath, TV and air conditioning, and the price includes breakfast. I've arranged for a taxi driver to collect me at 8am tomorrow to visit the last couple of members of the trekking group who haven't left, at the Shangr-La, and then to take me to the town of Bhaktapur, on the other side of the Kathmandu valley, for the day. He'll return me to my hotel by 4pm. We've agreed on a price of 1,250R, which will be good value if all goes well.


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