Monday, 13 June 2005

Hanoi Day 3, Monday 13 June

This morning was up at 5:30am, not feeling too flash, with a headache. Decided to go for a run to the same spot as yesterday as I'm worried about running too far and not being able to find my way back. Have maps but would have to carry glasses as well - too much trouble. Ran around Hoan Kiem Lake 4 times, and was home in 40 minutes. Went shirtless and felt more comfortable - my cold is improving as well. Even though a work day, there were heaps of people, with the exercise classes in the same spots, and badminton being played in any spare spot. There is a real sense of an exercise community.

Had the same breakfast, but none fruits this morning, with orange as well. I've seen oranges for sale, but took a while to work out what they are, as they have a dark green skin.


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