Friday, 30 May 2008

Further exploration of Ho Chi Minh City

We're continuing to enjoy our explorations of Ho Chi Minh City. Yesterday I started at 6am with a run along the river. Running here is very hard, with heavy traffic, clogged footpaths and very hot and humid weather. On the plus side, I get to see friendly locals do their Tai Chi and other exercises, and explore further parts of the city. After breakfast we explored the parks and streets of the city. Carolyne rested in the afternoon while I continued to explore, clocking up 16km in addition to my morning run.

It took us little time to suss out the best coffee shop, Phuc Long (15,000D for an espresso - AU$1), a quiet spot with good coffee and wifi access. We've also identified some terrific eateries. I'm reluctant to call them restaurants, as the places for lunch are tiny, hole-in-the-wall, places which serve just one dish. We've found a lane full of them: you just find one that serves the dish you prefer and away you go. Yesterday we had the most delicious combination noodle soup with lots of vegies for 15,000D. Dessert was a fruit drink made of avocado, orange juice, condensed milk and ice - superb at 10,000D!

For dinner we found a large, open restaurant, full of noisy locals. The food was superb, with a main course comprising a large, grilled cat-fish and several side dishes. The beer, naturally, is good and cheap.

This morning we were at breakfast soon after 6am.


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