Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday: Carolyne's 47th birthday!

I started today with a pleasant run along the waterfront past the Sheraton Mirage Resort, half-way up the Spit. As with my last few runs, I did 7chin-ups at the outdoor facilities a Surfers.

We celebrated Carolyne's 47th birthday by having brunch at Piccolo Espresso at Miami. The food was pleasant but unexciting but the setting is delightful, right across from Nobby's Beach.

We met with John and Libby Thannhauser at Kurrawa Park where a Green Fair was being held. We only chatted with them as they were caught up meeting with colleagues at the various tents. Carolyne and I left them for a while to have a coffee at Toast in the Oasis shopping centre. We agreed with John and Libby to have dinner on my birthday at a local Vietnamese restaurant.


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