Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Canberra to Broadbeach

The trip from Canberra yesterday and today went according to plan but was not uneventful. By the time we reached Goulburn there was a fine drizzle that became heavy showers as we headed along the M7. Along the F3 north of Sydney the showers turned to torrential storms. By the time we reached Forster – our stopover on the first night – the storms had developed into continuous driving rain, causing much local flooding. Carolyne left home soon after 7am and arrived at our B&B on her motor scooter about 5:30am, so was soaked to skin and freezing for most of the day.

Amazingly she said she didn’t mind the conditions too much, and she didn’t succumb to pneumonia overnight as I expected. Today it rained for an hour or so, then the sky cleared as we headed north, and we both arrived at our Broadbeach apartment safe and sound, and Carolyne claims to have loved her ride.

At Forster we stayed at Lake View B&B overlooking a lake, about 7 km south of the town. In the evening we went to dinner with cousins Trish and Mac Hobden, which was very pleasant.