Friday, 17 June 2011


My calves were sufficiently recovered after not running for 3 days for me to try an easy run north along the waterfront. As my friend, Rad, would say "My calves were talking to me", but I completed 9km without serious problems.

Carolyne had already enjoyed a coffee in the sun at Elk by the time I joined her.

Having experienced problems with our prepaid Telstra Wifi device that we need to use for our computers, we were forced to visit the Telstra shop at Pacific Fair. We found that we had used all the credit, 5Gb, in about 2 weeks, after buying the device on 17 May. Unfortunately we have not been able to see our usage account which might help us see where, and maybe how,we used about 20 times as h as we expected.

I fitted in a haircut: $22.50 with a seniors' discount!


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